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In addition to Content Marketing Services, I also provide expertise and resources for educational programs and brand development. Please see my Portfolio for examples of my branding contributions, and Contact me to discuss your education program or branding needs.

mark1Education Services
We all know that it is a good idea to “look before you leap.” When marketing breakthrough technology and services, investing in educational excellence for each unique audience pays dividends. From the early adopter and early majority trying products or services for the first time, to account executives who need training and background on the science, a high value is placed on gaining knowledge. And having the right information at the right time is often all it takes to motivate an individual to take the next step, whatever that may be.

I am a seasoned genomics educator, education program manager, and marketer who is passionate about meeting the educational needs of genomic technology customers. I can help you develop impactful webinars, PowerPoint presentations, product demonstrations, on-site training, and other educational resources.

mark1Brand Development
Standing out in the genomics market comes with special challenges. This market is an exceptionally noisy and nichey one. Companies come and go at a remarkable pace. A breathtaking array of target audiences with different, highly specialized, yet often poorly understood needs exists. The science may be complicated and technology young and not well understood or trusted yet. All of these factors point to an even greater need for an exceptionally distinctive brand. I would love to help you develop that outstanding brand.