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marketerMy favorite mentor once said:

The best way to be successful, and have fun in life, is to always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

It is so true. I followed this advice and have been blessed with an amazing career. However, even the smartest marketers sometimes can benefit from coaching in specific areas to develop skills that improve individual and team performance.

If you are a marketing leader with super-smart SMEs, but don’t just have enough time to mentor, coach or offer constructive feedback, there is a solution. Your valuable talent can now improve marketing ROI and realize their marketing potential with focused professional development services to address specific needs. My 1:1 and small-group professional development offer coaching right when the skills are needed, so they get put into action right away.

Leverage 18-years of Experience
Eighteen years of experience and a hands-on approach enable me to identify and address specific needs. My breadth of skills include technical marketing, story and content development, branding, marketing automation, nurturing, education and more. Furthermore, I know what I know and don’t know, and openly discuss this with you so that you are sure get value for your professional development investment.

Get It Done – Right
Sometimes a marketing team only gets one chance to make an excellent impression on a target audience. The whole team has a stake in getting priority deliverables done on time and with excellence – so that you can all see measurable improvement and fulfill commitments. I go the extra mile to exceed client expectations. My services are convenient and cost effective, because working remotely with video conferencing ensures this. I also can make on-site visits when needed.

Rolling up sleeves to provide detailed review, candid, constructive feedback and troubleshooting on specific deliverables, while respecting confidentially, really makes a difference in results. I am results focused and empower staff to achieve their own best, while working collaboratively and closely as needed to ensure that clients are satisfied.

Address Critical Needs

  • Focused coaching – work on needed skills from branding to content development
  • Marketing essentials – foster awareness for possible areas for self improvement and enable staff by offering productive directions
  • Go-to-market planning – provide a self-empowering guide for a winning plan and feedback to help optimize it
  • Messaging & positioning – help nail a prerequisite to great ROI
  • Content Development – offer tips and feedback for more engaging, impactful content
  • Essentials of technology-driven marketing – offer an overview of recent marketing technology advancements
  • Marketing for non-marketers– host an engaging session to improve alignment, understand marketing objectives, processes, and marketing needs

Where would your staff benefit most from professional development?  Contact me to discuss your needs today:

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