Me2Passion for Genomics
I’m a Marketing Consultant and Molecular Geneticist in Silicon Valley whose passion for scientific advancement and genomic innovation extends more than 15 years. I have a successful track record of bringing innovation to life by introducing pioneering genomic-era products. These include the first kit for cloning differentially expressed genes, first genome-wide SNP array, first real-time PCR array, and recently, a game-changing web application for rapid NGS data interpretation.

flowerCommitment to Excellence
After over a decade, many of the technologies that I introduced remain gold standards for genomic research, and later versions have become foundational to genomic medicine. Once “breakthrough products,” they are now industry workhorses that advance our understanding of complex biology and human disease by enabling researchers to elucidate biological pathways, transcription factors, gene regulation, and the genetic basis of disease. Together, they are cited in tens of thousands of scientific publications worldwide. I believe that my unwavering commitment to excellence contributed to their success.

You can review my Portfolio and Services page to learn about these products and review detailed examples of my contributions. Please Contact me if you would like to explore ways that I can help your business succeed.